Trafford Enterprises is a specialist, invitation only business networking organisation, working with established businesses to help them forge strong alliances.  Their knowledge, expertise and events provide a significant competitive advantage for their members, who share their values and who always meet the highest standards of professional excellence.

The Brief

We were asked to capture authentic testimonials from members of the Trafford Enterprises networking organisation.  As this is an invitation only network, the videos were designed to feature on the company website.  Visitors to the Trafford Enterprises website would then be able to get a feel for what to expect as a member.

Our Approach

Eagle & Beagle suggested filming the testimonials at a real networking event.  Due to the nature of the venue, we had around 45 minutes to set-up before we started filming.  In this instance, guests were informed about the filming on arrival and asked if they would like to participate.  This meant that there would be no overly prepared responses and the participants were volunteers.  Each member was briefed and filmed within 10 minutes, ensuring that the filming did not impact on the rest of their evening.  Before and during the filming, members were made to feel at ease, allowing them to deliver warm and genuine testimonials.  The resulting video testimonials provide the viewer with social proof and the opportunity to emotionally connect, witnessing the authenticity in each testimonial delivery.

The Result

“I had the pleasure of E&B filming video testimonials of our members at a Trafford Enterprises Networking event, and without question their expertise shone through from the very start.  The testimonials are excellent, their handling of the people, and the entire process from start to finish has been superb.  I believe they captured the Trafford essence, and I am very proud of the work they have produced for us.”

Jason Trafford

Managing Director at Trafford Enterprises