With over 15 years combined film and creative industry experience, you can trust us to deliver high quality video content which delivers results. We provide video on a project-byproject basis or we can develop a cohesive video marketing strategy for your organisation.

If you wish to produce video content in-house, we provide a video consultation service, guiding you in all aspects of the video creation process.

Eagle & Beagle offers a range of services which allow you to maximise the effectiveness of your video content:



  • We can provide a full service from conception of ideas through to delivery of the final product and video performance analytics. Conversely, if you want to use one service at a time (such as editing), we’re happy to do that too.  


  • Animation is a powerful technique which is particularly effective for explaining complex processes or ideas in a fresh, dynamic and easy-to-understand way.

Motion Graphics

  • We can integrate computer generated imagery into your video.  This provides an engaging way of illustrating key points and reinforcing vital facts, figures and statistics.

Social Media Optimisation and Strategy

  • Video is viewed differently on social media and needs to be optimised accordingly.  We can produce ‘square’ video with subtitles (amongst other methods) to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Providing your audience with consistent and valuable content is vital; we can help create a strategy which makes the most of your social media channels.

360 Video

  • For the most immersive experience and when you need to share events, experiences and places with your clients or staff.

Aerial Video

  • Our CAA qualified ‘drone’ team are able to provide you an elevated and unique perspective on your business.  Where conditions and regulations allow, an aerial view presents property and facilities in a new and captivating manner.

Video Consulting

  • We understand that you may want to produce some video content in-house. Therefore we offer training, advice on buying the right equipment and on-going support.